Introducing Teamup a new connect, design and build app.

We here at Giddy love to design, build and create. Whether it's putting together a skate ramp at home or inventing cool products together at work, we are passionate about the creative process and the unique solutions that result from working with others.

We've all been at the start of something new and needed an experienced 'someone' who could show us the ropes and help us avoid pitfalls. Wouldn't it be great if you could find just the right person to help you get started?

What if connecting with other creative people were as simple as browsing profiles and starting a chat? So, we built Giddy Teamup. A new app for Android and iOS that lets you do just that.

So, go get the app, create your profile and get started.

We are excited to see what you'll build with the Giddy community!