Play with cats, don't work with them

We love our cats, and whether or not they care to admit it, they love us right back.

Why else would they spend so much time directly in our way while we work? Purely a coincidence, sure. The problem is that as much as we enjoy the company of our furry friends, there is work to be done oft hindered by 8 pounds of fur on your keyboard. How can we balance our busy work lives while still giving due attention to our feline companions?

We at Giddy are teaming up with our friends at Cat Matter to find the solution, and we need your help!

The Challenge: Design a stylish and functional desk or work station with features so comfortable for cats they’ll forget about your lame keyboard entirely.

Submission are due by August 6th.

The grand prize winner will take home $3000 with additional cash prizes for runner ups and an iPad with Apple Pencil for the top community voted entry.

Start Small, Design Confidently

Want a chance to win even more and see if you've got a potentially winning idea? Check out the concept challenge where you can submit your early sketch concepts for feedback from the judges and a chance to earn some extra cash!

See the full challenge requirements on Giddy: