A few weeks ago, we wrapped on the "You Design It, We Build It" Challenge. This was a new approach to challenges to encourage designing and building together. The winner of the challenge, and design wunderkind, Jamie Mendoza worked up a unique lamp that had us intrigued. We've been working out details in the Giddy app using the Ideas feature. We've had some great input and have begun prototyping out the build.

The first step is to make a 3d print of Jamie's desk lamp to get a feel for the dimensions. In order to fit it on the build plate of the Monoprice Maker Select, a scale-down of 50% was necessary. The Onshape model made it really easy to get the STL file into Cura and begin the process of printing. We separated out the parts so we could see them individually and ran the prints.


As you can tell, the shapes came out looking good, but assembly presented a problem of support that superglue couldn't provide. So, I've got another, complete STL build running on the printer to be able to work with the FirstBuild team to formulate the best fabrication method. We will be updating this page with our work in progress as we go.

While we are working out some of the details, please feel free to jump in and join the conversation.

update June 20, 2018

I've been making some progress on the lamp. I went and found some nice fabrics and one turned out to have a great look to it that matched Jamie's renders.


Had a great tip from my mother-in-law on how to construct a pattern using painter's tape. Overall, my first attempt yielded some good results.


Next steps are going to focus on the lighting aspects and selecting some high-yield and low power options.