Smoked meat is obviously delicious. Smoke added to just about anything; cheese, drinks and veggies are 10x as delicious. But due to the annoying efficiency of smoke alarms, smoking food and beverages has been exiled to hot backyards and crowded bar-b-que joints for far too long.

FirstBuild says it’s time to free the smoker and bring it to the great indoors where its BFFs, the TV and the couch, reside.

Their team has developed technology to bring smart smoking indoors without triggering your smoke detector or upsetting the neighbors down the hall. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make the smoker look as good as the food tastes. Will you design the countertop appliance the world has been waiting for?

The challenge: Design an appliance for indoor smoking that fits on the counter, but breaks the mold of the countertop appliance design.

Submission due by April 9th at 1:59 PM PST


  • CAD Link
  • Renderings
  • User Interface Design

The grand prize winner will take home $3000 with additional cash prizes for runner ups and an Opal Nugget Ice Maker for the top community voted entry.

See the full challenge requirements on Giddy: