Something is wrong with the world, and it needs fixing. Consider these two truths:

  1. Nearly 70% of employees report a lack of engagement at work, according to this report from Gallup.
  2. Startups are running innovation circles around incumbents, who consistently fail to launch groundbreaking products, despite having the scale and budget advantage.

Most companies are aware of these two facts, and consider them to be two of their biggest problems. I look at these two facts and see opportunity: We live in a world that currently values education and experience over imagination and creativity. The signs of our times suggest that this system is ready for change.

What is Giddy?

Giddy is a platform where creators and brands develop products together. We generate opportunities for creators by connecting them with companies that are hungry for fresh product insights. In other words, it’s a place where creatives can engage and where companies can develop disruptive new products.

To some people, this sounds completely odd: Some of the biggest companies in the world are renowned for playing their innovation cards close to the chest. Our experience dictates the contrary — most challenging problems can be solved faster and better by working with the crowd. How do I know this? Giddy is actually the second phase of a mission we launched back in 2014.

What we learned from creating FirstBuild

It’s July 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky. GE Appliances has just opened the doors to its brand new microfactory, FirstBuild. FirstBuild is unique - it actively solicits product ideas and designs from a community of engineers, makers, and designers, then ushers those new products toward commercial availability at an amazingly rapid pace. The community is engaged every step of the way — from ideation to commercialization. FirstBuild even provides rewards and royalties for products conceived and designed by its community members.

The values and practices at FirstBuild stand in stark contrast to everything you have ever been taught about enterprise innovation. Enterprise innovation’s cardinal sin — Thou shalt not disclose innovative ideas — was replaced by FirstBuild’s cardinal rule — Cultivate a community who can guide your innovative ideas to ultimate success as a real product.

The Future of Product Innovation

Giddy’s core engine is built of the same principles that power FirstBuild. Giddy is the world’s most open design challenge platform. We’ve worked hard to make sure that Giddy is a place where ideas can blossom into real products. Giddy brings ideas to life by engaging passionate product developers to imagine and create the next generation of products.

The future of product development is radically different — and way better — than the past. Open innovation, at scale, will intelligently pair problems with capable creators, yielding breakthroughs in both product innovation and creative engagement. Companies and individuals looking to experience the future of product development need look no further than Giddy.