Online ordering has been growing rapidly and the latest development has been the growth and availability of food and grocery delivery. While there is the potential for this change to reduce emissions from frequent grocery trips and save people time, there has been an inherent limitation due to the need to handoff deliveries when consumers are available.

The required exchange results in deliveries focused around peak hours and limits the ability of these services to maximise route efficiency. Some solutions being explored include smart locks and webcams that allow deliveries inside the home, but many consumers are uncomfortable with that option.

To facilitate the handoff between grocery delivery services and consumers GE Appliances thinks there’s an opportunity for a device to hold groceries at proper temperatures outside the home.

The challenge: Design a home grocery delivery appliance for outside a single family home


  1. CAD Link
  2. Renderings
  3. User Interface Design

The grand prize winner will take home $4000 with additional cash prizes for runner ups and a Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 for the top community voted entry.

UPDATED: Submissions are due by February 11th 5:59 PM PST

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