The home is the new frontier of technology integration. New products and platforms have begun to integrate technology into our homes, enabling us to control the thermostat from across the world and order dinner by speaking a few words. In the kitchen specifically, there is a whirlwind of activity and potential for connected technology to harmonize tasks.

Discovering the pain points and problems people experience in the kitchen is the best place to start solving them. From studio apartments where no one cooks to a large family home where multiple meals are prepared a day, there are a multitude of ways people use their kitchens, but to simplify we’ve selected a few base personas to focus on.

The challenge: Discover problems that a technology hub in the kitchen could solve and share your solution for the win

There are 3 deliverables for this challenge:

  1. Discover: Infographic of at least 3 major pain points
  2. Explore: Graphic or sketch of potential solutions
  3. Refine: Fully rendered sketch or graphic of your best solution

The grand prize winner will take home $2500 with additional prizes for runner ups and community voting.

UPDATED: Submissions are due by February 4th 5:59 PM PST

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