The kitchen faucet is the best place to serve all of your favorite beverages. Think about it. You have a water source and a drain built into every kitchen. Sales of countertop beverage dispensers (for example, Keurig) have taken off over the last decade or so because people are looking for a diverse range of ways to hydrate. If we could build that functionality into the kitchen sink, we would be eliminating several of the single-purpose countertop devices that people love to hate. Brilliant, right?

Well, it turns out that this is a complicated problem. What beverages do people want to dispense from their faucets? How will the beverage feature be activated? If the device needs an extra heating/cooling system, where will it go, and how will it work? If you are an engineer or designer, you probably already have some ideas. Given the complexity of the problem, there are nearly infinite permutations. How do you find the best idea?

Four weeks ago, we launched the Drink Sink challenge to try. We opened up the challenge to the Giddy community, asking a group of creative product developers to imagine the dream sink: A kitchen sink that incorporates an ice or beverage dispenser of their choice. With little more to constrain them than that single sentence, our community responded with 19 amazing new product concepts that span the range from a 4-flavor soda dispenser to a Keurig dispenser built right into the sink. Even more importantly, our community considered all facets of the project, from the layout of the core components to the user interface. Each Giddy designer or engineer submitted a CAD file detailing the concept.

both-drink-sink-entries entries 'Moud Sink' by GeghardOhnaian and 'LEVEL' by Nathan Duderstadt

We live in a world overflowing with ideas, but frustratingly short on creative application of those ideas. Giddy was designed to apply forward momentum needed to turn ideas into product concepts. In my experience, this forward momentum continues beyond the concept and into commercialization of new products.

While Giddy excels is at fueling passion for turning new ideas into products, its core benefit is to create a divergent solution space for complex problems. Everyone from the fledgling entrepreneur to the seasoned product executive has the same problem: Developing really innovation products is hard in a world of scarce time, people, and capital. For that reason, we tend to drive as fast as possible to a solution without giving full consideration to the range of possibilities.

Giddy is designed to quickly generate a large number of innovative product concepts in under a month. From these product concepts, professional product developers can quickly narrow down the best options and move forward with better solutions than they would by only working internally.

Come check out the results of the Drink Sink Challenge and see for yourself. While we are in beta, you’ll see a new challenge every month. Next up: Design a portable beverage container to maintain beverages at precise temperatures.