Calling All Engineers and Designers: Do you have the creativity, CAD skills and thirst to design the “world’s most advanced ice and beverage dispenser?”

FirstBuild and Giddy, engineering crowdsourcing platforms backed by GE Appliances, are partnering with Onshape on their latest design competition. FirstBuild is providing $5,000 in prizes for winning product designs. Winners will be selected by a panel of product development experts from FirstBuild, Delta Faucet and Lowe’s, and will be judged based on market viability, desirability and feasibility. Prizes of $2,500 (Gold), $1,500 (Silver) and $1,000 (Bronze) will be awarded.

FirstBuild and GE Appliances have a track record of launching products designed in tandem with outside engineers and designers, a process we call co-creation. The goal is to get innovative new products to market quickly.

FirstBuild has already brought 15 products to market, including these appliances:

  • Opal Nugget Ice Maker – A home ice machine that makes the “crunchable,
    flavor-saving nugget ice you love.”
  • Paragon Smart Cooking System – A bluetooth-connected
    induction cooktop that
    gives you precise control over pan temperature with a mat or liquid
    temperature with a probe.
  • Talking Laundry Module – A text-to-speech device that connects to GE
    washers and dryers, updating users about their laundry’s status.
  • Bourbon Barrel Cooler
    Genuine production-used bourbon barrels crafted
    into customizable drink coolers.

The new Onshape Drink Sink Challenge was inspired by the winners of the FirstBuild’s “Hack the Home” Mega Hackathon in September. Contestants will be required to create a machine that mounts at the kitchen sink and dispenses ice, hot water, chilled water or carbonated flavored beverages (complete design specs are available in the Giddy mobile app).

Will This Soon Replace Your Kitchen Faucet? – A panel of product development experts from FirstBuild, Delta Faucet and Lowe’s will determine the winning design entries in the 2017 Onshape Drink Sink Challenge.

While there are several beverage dispensing products on the market (Bevi machines, SodaStream, Keurig, etc.), none of them take full advantage of the opportunity to tap directly into the hot and cold water supply lines under the sink. The Drink Sink Challenge focuses on this innovative approach, while saving precious countertop space.


Giddy chose to partner with Onshape for its latest design challenge because we wanted to be able to give new team members instant access to their CAD system and get them modeling right away. Unlike desktop-installed, file-based CAD systems, which require you to wait days or weeks for a Value Added Reseller (VAR) to sell you license codes for new seats, browser-based Onshape is immediately accessible after the project administrator enters the engineer’s email address.

For this contest, Giddy has provided an Onshape Document and will invite participants to develop a new product that fits with the given countertop/sink arrangement. Participants will share final views of their product design on the Giddy app with a link to their Onshape Document.

Because Onshape is so collaborative and runs in the cloud, we’re excited to be able to interact with our contestants every step of the way. We’ve never been able to do this before. We’ve designed this challenge to take advantage of Onshape’s collaborative design, and will offer participants the chance to participate in a design review midway through the challenge.


  • Download the Giddy App at either the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Onshape Drink Sink Challenge” in Giddy. Challenge entries will be accepted between Tuesday, November 7th and Wednesday, December 6th.
  • A starter kit is provided in the Giddy app. This kit includes specifications and Onshape Documents required to participate in the challenge.
  • All modeling must be submitted in Onshape. For tutorials and instructional videos, visit the Onshape Learning Center.
  • Midterm design reviews can be scheduled by emailing Giddy’s Community Evangelist, Beau, at by November 27th.
  • Winners will be selected by a panel of product development experts and will be notified in December.