We’re looking for devices that see into the future and help us live more thoughtful lives. From smart thermostats to whole-home energy monitors, you can find hundreds of devices that promise such capability and Gartner predicts another 3 billion devices will come online this year. This is an open challenge for you to come up with your own concept and prototype of a device that uses inputs from sensors, machine learning, data mining, you name it - to help users make smart decisions.

The grand prize winner will take home $2000 with additional cash prizes for both runner ups and an HTC Vive for the top community voted entry!

Submissions are due by March 8th

Skill Builder Challenges

We're bringing a few warm up challenges to the mix to help build up to your project submission and give you more chances to win prizes!


For this challenge, design a simple control interface for a new device. Your design can illustrate a direction for your DOT challenge submission or be for something else entirely.


Every electronics project needs a housing. Whether an interactive device or a simple box to protect components, enclosures add a finishing touch to a project that make if feel more like a finished product.


Our world is becoming more connected and today everything from lights to dishwashers can be controlled with a smartphone or spoken word. Build a simple electronic system that responds to an input and produces an output that demonstrates a direction for your DOT challenge submission.

Getting Started

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